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We help you get Customer Feedback & Online Reviews

How It Works

Step 1: The Feedback Request

The process is quick and painless. It begins with a customized email sent to your customers after they enter their email address. Keeping-up with the speed of technology, we have ensured that all of our features are completely mobile-friendly. We provide three easy ways to get started.

Step 2: The Feedback

After a transaction, your customer is asked to rate how likely they would be to refer your business to friends or colleagues. Your customers can also write comments about their experience.

Sentiment Segmentation:

If a customer rates your business highly, then they will be asked to leave reviews on valuable business review sites like Google, Facebook, and Yelp. Low ratings trigger the ability to privately follow-up and resolve any problems that may have occurred without leading these customers to leave potentially negative online reviews.

Negative Review Alerts:

Be notified whenever your business receives a negative review so that you can follow-up quicker and divert any reviews that may tarnish your business's reputation online.

Net Promoter Score (NPS):

We define a promoter as anyone who scores your business at a 9 or 10. We take this number and subtract it from all of your reviewers who we define as "detractors," or anyone who rates you at a 6 or below. The NPS is more than just a hapless number, this allows you to establish a data set on customer satisfaction so that you can then create a deeper understanding and work on growing your customer satisfaction levels to new heights!

Encourage Online Reivews

Step 3: Display Feedback

Positive reviews left by customers are easily displayed on your company website. It’s simple to install—just copy and paste a widget code into a page of your website and you will have continuous and up-to-date reviews from your customers.

You can even customize these positive reviews further, if need be. We’ve also made sure that our widget is filled with SEO-friendly schema for better search engine visibility.

Show Positive Feedback:

Easily show positive feedback that you can manually approve or set up to automatically have added to your site based on sentiment.

SEO Optimized Fresh Content:

Google loves new fresh content on your website. With the KouryWeb Reviews platform, adding that schema optimized content has never been simpler.

Encourage Online Reivews

Step 4: Encourage Online Reviews

Customer reviews—especially positive ones, on websites like Google, Facebook, and Yelp are gold for businesses. Our review system directs customers that have rated you highly to share reviews on these third party websites.

Exclusive Positive Reviews:

Our review system is specifically designed to ensure that only those that have rated your business highly are encouraged to share online reviews.

We Cover Them All:

Our review system has been integrated into over three dozen different reviews sites, including Google, Facebook, Yelp, Trip Advisor and many more.

Long Term Improvements:

Not only will you continue to gain more reviews the longer you use our review system, but you will also begin to see better results with your website's search engine optimization and online visibility.

Encourage Online Reivews

Step 5: Reports & Monitoring

With our review system, everything you need to monitor your online reputation is at the tip of your fingers. Use it for one location, or a thousand—it doesn’t matter, we’ve got you covered with multiple levels of feedback, positive online reviews, and an easy-to-manage dashboard.


You receive an easy-to-read report that details your Net Promoter Score, customer feedback, and online reviews, to name a few. These reports can focus on one location, a hundred locations, or even a thousand with our flexible data filtering.

Online Monitoring:

We monitor and alert you to new reviews posted about your business to online review sites like Google and Facebook, to allow you to view and respond to them accordingly.

Encourage Online Reivews

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Frequently Asked Questions

The KouryWeb Reviews platform is designed to help businesses seamlessly build customer feedback while managing and maximizing online reviews.

KouryWeb Reviews can automatically request and track customer feedback, sort out negative reviews, publish positive testimonials on a business website, and send happy customers to critical online review sites to share their positive feedback with others.

Our platform helps you gather truthful product or service feedback from your customers. We do this automatically, and filter out negative feedback so it's never posted to your website. In addition, our negative feedback interception process is designed to gather more information and avoid having it posted online.

This system provides an outlet for unhappy customers by intercepting negative feedback and giving you an opportunity to right the wrongs before they are posted publicly.

If your business can benefit from a feedback loop that helps you capture feedback, improve your product, create more customer engagement, and create better online visibility—KouryWeb Reviews can work for you.

Key benefits:
#1 Better Search Results: More reviews and testimonials lead to better search results. Better search results create more customers and reviews.
#2 Generate Feedback: What better way is there to improve your product or service? Let your customers tell you exactly how they feel without tarnishing your online reputation.
#3 Document Word-Of-Mouth Marketing: KouryWeb Reviews helps you generate referrals and testimonials digitally to help drive in new customers and create repeat business.

While we encourage every business to have a website, you do not technically need one to work with our platform. We host all of the landing pages and forms necessary for the software to work.

A website is required to display our feedback widget with all of your positive testimonials and take advantage of our SEO optimized format.

There are no hidden fees, contracts, or termination fees with KouryWeb Reviews. You are billed monthly and you can cancel at any time.

We also allow you to export all of your reviews and customer data at any time.